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Welcome to thecw! This is a community where you may discuss The CW network, as well as the shows it airs. CW, which stands for CBS - Warner, is a result of the merger of UPN and the WB. Joya (potthead), Liz (papered), and Jen (dieseled) are your maintainers. If you have any problems, comment here or contact us in our journals. We hope you enjoy being a member of thecw. All we ask is that you read and respect the rules that are listed below.

[oo1] This community is for everything related to The CW Network, so all posts must be associated as such. However, fanfic is NOT allowed (it will be deleted without warning) nor is the promotion of another CW community.

[oo2] If you feel like introducing yourself, please do so at this post.

[oo3] Spoilers for future episodes, large pictures, and anymore than 3 icons must be placed under a LJ-cut. The LJ-cut will become your best friend.

[oo4] Play nice, kids. Of course, not everyone will have the same opinions, but please do not let differences in opinion escalate past a civilized debate.

Enjoy! ;)

- Aliens in America
- America's Next Top Model
- Beauty and the Geek
- CW Now
- Everybody Hates Chris
- Girlfriends
- Gossip Girl
- Hidden Palms
- Life Is Wild
- One Tree Hill
- Online Nation
- Reaper
- Smallville
- Supernatural
- The Game
- WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

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